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Comptoirs de salle de bain

Create the bathroom of your dreams with our bathroom counters

Do you want to renovate your existing bathroom or build a new one?

Comptoirs de cuisine Grand Montréal has been offering you an essential element for several years: a bathroom counter to dress up your interior and make your room a unique model.

The bathroom of a house is one of the spaces in your home that is subjected to severe tests. We therefore offer quality countertops that will enhance the value of your room, but also that will have a long life.

It is therefore important to choose a material, color and finish that suits your tastes. We offer countertops with several color and pattern options. You can then choose the one that best suits your needs: ranging from classic to contemporary.

Our team offers made-to-measure bathroom counters made from materials chosen with great precision:

Granite bathroom counter

Marble bathroom counter

Quartz bathroom counter

Materials like Granite, Quartz and Marble are strong. These materials can therefore go through time without incident.

Our experts shape the products we offer in our own workshops in order to guarantee you impeccable quality.

We remain at your disposal to discuss your custom bathroom countertop project with you. We can help you define your project so that it becomes reality.

All you have to do is contact us by phone at 514.996.3952 or directly via the contact form on our website.

Taking measurements

Our experts come to your home to take the necessary measures to carry out your project.


Comptoirs Cuisine Grand Montréal offers a delivery service throughout Quebec.


We offer an installation service for your bathroom counter.